Water Analysis

Water Analysis Test for Pools and Spas

At GreenHouse Pools & Spas Niddrie we are Focus Products dealers – We use one company to source most of our chemicals for pool and spa products.

GreenHouse Pools & Spas Niddrie is open 7 days a week for your convenience; simply bring in your 500ml bottle of pool or spa water for a water analysis. The Niddrie store is located at 547 Keilor Rd Niddrie. It has easy access from all directions of Melbourne. At GreenHouse Pools & Spas all staff is fully accredited and are WaterEarth Agents.

If you are unable to come to us; our trained technicians will come to you. Book a service via email; info@ghpools.com.au or contact the store directly on 9379 1144.

At GreenHouse Pools & Spas we are WaterEarth Agents. What is WaterEarth?

WaterEarth is an accreditation system for stores and service companies who are committed to the environmental initiatives. The WaterEarth accredited members help pool and spa owners have a better understanding of how to deliver the correct amount of chemicals to their water minimising the amount of chemical released into the environment and their subsequent effect.

WaterEarth Environmental Initiative

There has been a lot of exposure recently in the media regarding the environment and the damage that is being caused by climate change and drought. Focus realised that the Pool and Spa Industry could play a big part in protecting these precious resources for our future generations.

Introducing WaterEarth, an environmental initiative started by Focus Products Pty Ltd.

The cornerstones of this initiative are:

  • The promotion of accurate water analysis
  • The promotion of correct water treatment
  • The promotion of water conservation

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