Handy Hints

Handy Hints for Pools & Spas

1. Circulation of water

Pool water must be circulated for chemicals to work effectively, to avoid bacteria and algae. Circulate water 8 hours each day in the summer time and 3 to 4 hours daily in the winter months.

2. Brush and Vacuum

Pools have dormant areas where no circulation occurs; to prevent algae and bacteria from growing, the walls and floor should be brushed and the pool vacuumed weekly.

3. Clean Filters

Filters remove visible and microscopic matter. They are a vital piece of equipment and their function is altered or ceases when materials get trapped. We recommend chemically cleaning the filters on a regular basis. Please ask in store for more information.

4. Water Testing

Usage, weather, product application are all factors that can affect the balance of your water. Water should be tested every couple of weeks. (Refer to water analysis for further information)

5. Chemicals

Using the right products at the right time will help provide healthy pools and spas as well as protection for your equipment. At GreenHouse Pools & Spas Niddrie our chemical product of choice is Focus Products Pty Ltd.

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