Insurance Claims

Insurance Claims for Pools, Spas, Solar Heating & Equipment

GreenHouse Pools & Spas is associated with a number of insurance companies.

At GreenHouse Pools & Spas we can:

  • Conduct site inspections on your behalf and issue detailed reports which can be lodged to your insurance provider.
  • Be instructed directly by your insurance company to attend on site and arrange for a report and quotation to conduct the relevant repairs.

These are some of the most common claims undertaken by GreenHouse Pools & Spas:

  • Rejuvenating pools/spa & rebalancing
  • Acid washing pool surfaces
  • Replacement of burn out pool/spa pumps
  • Replacement of solar systems
  • Replacement of pool equipment (sand filters/cartridges)
  • Replacement of pool/spa heaters
  • Replacement of automatic cleaners
  • Replacement of pool liners
  • Replacement of pool blankets & rollers

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