Pools & Spas Maintenance

GreenHouse Pools and Spas have been servicing pools since 1991.

For any work requiring specialized tradespeople, we have an excellent team of reliable, experienced technicians in the areas of leak detection, solar and gas or electric heating. We cater for renovations and equipment change as well as tiling, rendering and painting of pool surfaces.

GreenHouse Pools and Spas can assist you with the following services:

  • Pool and Spa Maintenance
  • Filter media change
  • Green Pools and Spas
  • Renewing Old Pools
  • Equipment Upgrades & Relocations
  • Pool or Spa Testing
  • Assessments conducted prior to purchasing a property
  • New Pool/Spa owner in home demonstrations

GreenHouse Pools and Spas provide Regular Maintenance Services which range from weekly, fortnightly or monthly. Our Service Agreements allow clients to nominate the type of service required and work that needs to be carried out to your pool or spa. We liaise with the client and customize agreements to provide best outcomes long term.

GreenHouse Pools and Spas also provide an annual “Winter Service” which runs from June to August. During these months clients can book a full equipment check and service ready for the start of the swimming season.

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